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(^ wat i can't edit dis. Remorse, Vampire Weekend? Thoughtful and Isis now :P)

 Meow :3 Hello. I should be sleeping now but for some reason I can't fall asleep. So I just have taken another shuffle quiz ; d

SHUFFLE TIME! Answer these with the first line of the song:

This morning your alarm went off at 5:00 AM. you say:
"Valahol pásztortüzek gyúlnak" [Karpatia - Pásztortüzek]
Because I always wanted to be a hungarian shepherd, haha :D

Then you get up and get in the shower and sing:
"Az mond meg nekem, hol lesz majd lakovelyunk?" [Budapest Bar - Budapest (Cseh Tamas cover)]
Funny, because I actually like singing the in the shower... : >

When you can’t find your favorite shirt, you yell:
Am I still tough enough?" [Nine Inch Nails - Discipline]

After getting dressed you go downstairs get a bowl of cereal. It is stale. You say:
"Movie Clock Star" [Braid - Movie Clock Star]

After eating your stale cereal, you head out to catch the bus, but the bus already left. You curse and scream:
"Let's fuck" [Bring Me The Horizon - Fuck]
I have to say THANK YOU for the friend who gave me this song on pendrive, because it was deleted from my library before :D

So now you have to walk to school. The Populars drive by you and say:

"When uncertainty reached my mind, you were there to take my hand" [Empty Handed - Autumn]
I'm such a good person.

You reply:
"I can't stop" [Flux Pavilion - I can't stop]

They drive off and scream:
"Crashing to the surface" [Parkway Drive - Karma]
Oh, I thought I was nice enought to you : <

You try to cross the street, but can’t because of a car wreck. You say:
"I want you so hard, I want you so good" [Eagles Of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard]

So you walk all the way back to the other side of the street to the store:
"We're sorry but you're no longer needed" [Dead Kennedys - Soup Is Good Food]

You go in the store and ask the clerk:
"Who will be there to tell me how stupid I am?"  [Alexisonfire - Sharks And Danger]

He replies:
"Betrayed one more time" [Bullet For My Valentine - 4 Words To Choke Upon]
Oh, clerk, you are so secretive.

You give him a strange look and say:
"And you got it goin' And you got it goin' for you"  [Voneldpark - Hipbone]

Then you get some rice waffles, but you can’t find your money. You mumble:
"Vanishing points and midnight horizons"  [Parkway Drive - Frostbite]

The clerk says:
"The truth of my heart Is like a repressed tale"  [As I Lay Dying - Cauterize]

You angrily walk out of the store saying:
"Words like violence, bring the silence"  [Radiohead - Enjoy The Silence]

So… You go to the Starbucks across the street and a man asks you:
"Taj ta taj ta ta taj laj laj"  [The Ukrainians - Hungarian Dance]
Such a happy man! :)

To which you say:
"We all want someone to shout for"  [Arctic Monkeys - Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys] 

…When your cellphone rings. It’s your friend. She says:
"I have a problem that I cannot explain"  [SOAD - Roulette]
Trust me, I'm a "psychologist".

You tell her:
"These streets aren't paved with gold"  [Architects - These Colours Don't Run]

So she gets mad and hangs up the phone. You yell:
"Az mond meg nekem hol lesz majd lakohelyunk"  [Peet - Budapest [Cseh Tamas Cover]
Oh, I'm singing again.

People start to think you have problems, so you tell them:
"Taking my chances through madness"  [Pentagram - Broken Vows]

The man at the counter tells you:
"Surrounding me is a picture of a world gone wrong"  [While She Sleeps - Dead Behind The Eyes]

So you say:
"Great Dane's cheekbones"  [The Vaccines - Norgaard]
I'm so eloquent.

Then you leave the Starbucks. You can cross the street to get to school now. You get across the street and a rabid dog starts to chase you; you scream:
"North bound, no time to misspend travelin' 2000 miles"   [Acid Drinkers - Old Sparky]

When you get away, you say:
"This is the anthem, so fucking sing!"  [Bring Me The Horizon - Anthem]

You finally get to school: Teacher wants to know why you’re late:
"You won't belive what I tell you"  [Two Door Cinea Club - I Can Talk]

She doesn’t believe you (wat). So you tell her:
"Who's depend on you?"  [Braid - Universe Or Worse]

She still does not believe you, so she sends you to the principal. He asks:
"Aaaaa Aaaa Aaaaa"  [God Is An Astronaut - Fraigile]

So you reply:
"Ó, Mr Alkohol"  [Koncz Zsuzsa - Mr Alkohol]

He thinks you are getting an attitude so he tells you:
"You'd better learn that this will not blow over"  [Saosin - It's Far Better To Learn]
But I just was late...

Then sends you to detention. You mumble:
"And you'd better be yourself"  [Enter Shikari - Nodding Acquaitance]
Riposte, ha.

Sitting in detention, you meet a butch girl named Ashley. She asks you:
"Hey sister, why you're all alone?"  [Queens Of The Stone Age - Little Sister]

You look at her in horror and tell her:
"You're annoying me"  [The Freudian Slip - Understand]

Then move to the other side of the class. She yells:
"I can see it comin' on the horizon"   [Haste The Day - When Everything Falls]

There are people in the back trying to sing. It’s really bad. You tell them:
"This world's yours for the taking"  [Asking Alexandria]

They get mad and say:
"I can cry when you let me cry"  [Hunter - Fallen]

So you just go to sleep for the rest of the time.
When you wake up, it’s 4:00. You look around and say:
"I don’t laugh anymore"  [Empty Handed - When I was 16, I Killed Myself]

You ask the teacher why he didn’t wake you up, and he says:
"Beväpnad med ett svek och en insikt"  [Yerisina - Efter Oss Syndafloden]

So you run all the way home. Mom wants to know where you’ve been:
"Hello Tyrannosaus, meet Tyrranicide"   [Enter Shikari - Hello Tyrannousaurus, Meet Tyrranicide]

She thinks you’re lying. You try and tell her:
"Vsyo v poryotkie"  [Lyapis Trubyetskoy - Zolotaya Antilopa]
How good I live by myself.

But she doesn’t wanna hear it. She grounds you and you say:
"WRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH"  [Main-De-Gloire - Milses Roses]

So she yells back:
"Ten years ago, I got a call that nearly killed me"  [Bullet For My Valentine - 10 Years Today]

You stomp up to your room and trip over the top stair; you yell:
"Расцветали яблони и груши"  [Zina - Katyusha]
100% me.

Then you go in your room and text your lover. He/she texts:
"That's a song about a man"  [backside surfer - Waltz]

You get mad and say:
"Show our eyes true color"  [August Burns Red - Salt & Light

Then he/she says:
"I like to move it move it"  [Bullets & Belvedere - I Like To Move It]

Then you get so mad you throw your phone at the wall, and it breaks:
Nothin because this sing doesn't cantain any lyrics -> [Isis - Altered Course]

You sit in your room for the next 4 hours saying:
"I'm so done with it, I won't go back again"  [Asking Alexandria - Another Bottle Down]

Your mom thinks you’re going crazy, so she says:
"I'm letting you into troubled water"  [Rennie Foster - Devil's Water (Crypt Remix)]

You look at her crazy, then walk away saying:
"I Love LA" [Young Dre The Truth - I Love LA]
What the fuck is this song doing in my playlist? Must have came from SIMS 3! : O

She throws a frying pan at you and you scream:
"Ooooooo!"  [Phaeleh - Fallen Light]
It would be like this, I'm sure!

She yells back:
"Deck chairs out lads, heres the spot"  [Enter Shikari - Kicking Back On The Surface Of Your Cheek]

So you storm up to your room again and say:
"Today for the very first time we tarted planning our ultimate crime"  [Jonny And The Snipers/Enter Shikari - Destbilise]

Then you get in the shower and sing:
"I missed the offering, friends"  [letlive. - Over Being Under]

Then before you go to bed you pray that:
"You're better untouched, it;s better I never knew you"  [Braid - Circus OF The Stars]

That was a nice story :D


No name
My... bio? Er...
Was born on 25th sep 1993.
At age of 3 drew Sailor Moon for dad, and this picture is still somewhere at home.
At age of 6 broke left arm and had fucking amazing red sling.
At age of 9 climbed a tree and couldn't get back. Now scared of heights.
At age of 12 totally flooded the bathroom on school trip.
At age of 15 stepped into anthill.
At age of 16 set up a profile on dA.

The most important facts in my life.


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